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What We Do

Benny’s Oil Filter Recycling Inc. is an organization that is extremely concerned with the environment. At Benny’s, our main focus is recovering oil filters so they are not thrown in the garbage, streets, or gutters, etc. We at Benny’s understand the harmful impact of improper disposal of this material. That is why Benny’s picks up oil filters from hundreds of Southland businesses and transports them back to our facility where they undergo a unique and simple process. Benny's is now offering oil and antifreeze pickup service. Please contact us for more information.

The process includes squeezing the filter to remove the residual oil and then crushes small amounts of filters into cubes that weigh approximately 35 lbs. This process allows Benny’s Oil Filter Recycling to obtain the goal of running a zero waste business. We are proud to announce that all of the recovered oil is sent to a refinery where it is used as bunker fuel and the used oil filters are recycled. Benny’s Oil Filter does not LANDFILL!



The Maintenance and Trucking Era
Benny's Maintenance was started 30 years ago as a truck maintenance facility. We still have the ability to provide every service from oil changes to over-hauls to our own trucks and those of a select clientele.

Over the years Benny’s owned and operated several trucking companies, in addition to the maintenance business. Benny’s operated large and small trucks both interstate and intrastate. We are still a trucking company providing nearly same day service to literally several thousand customers over a growingly wider area of Southern California.

The Oil Filter Recycling Era
The oil filter recycling business was started in 1993 with himself as his only customer. We are still a filter recycling company serving many of the same customers we served when we started.

The Greasweep Era
Filters begot oil which begot a big mess which begot Greasweep. Again as our own best customer, Benny evolved into one of the most significant Greasweep distributors on the West Coast. The demise of Greasweep was catastrophic for us because we viewed it as the best absorbent on the market. We are still an absorbent distributor of some significance. The opportunities are even greater as are the challenges, but exciting things are on the horizon.

The Hazardous Waste Era
Consistent with our past to be the best at what we do, we became fully licensed hazardous waste transporter. In keeping with our desire to do only what we do well, our activities were confined to only solid waste from industries with uncomplicated waste streams. We have again grown in knowledge and affiliations to expand into some liquid wastes from industries requiring considerably more sophistication.

The Ben-Zorb Era
With the continuing need to be an absorbent company, we are reaching farther a field. Our embrace of Zeolite makes us much more and has lead to affiliations with others to enhance the skills and capabilities to maximize the opportunity.

Our Future
We continue to be the best at what we do, and to do only what we do well.


Benny's Receives Prestigious WRAP Award
Benny's Oil Filter Recycling has six times received the prestigious WRAP award from the California Integrated Waste Management Board. The award is given annually to businesses who significantly contribute and support the ambitious California waste reduction goals as established by the California Legislature.

As a small business, Benny’s was recognized for having prevented over 633 tons of oil filters from entering your landfills and nearly 80,736 gallons of oil from contaminating your water tables.

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