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Filter Facts

Benny's picks up oil filters from hundreds of auto shops, garages and retail businesses. The material is transported back to our facility where the filters undergo a unique and simple process, which squeezes the filter to remove the residual oil, and then crushes small amounts of filters into cubes that weigh approximately 35 pounds. These cubes are then transported to steel mills and recycled to produce new materials.

Benny's Oil Recycling program is a success because an enormous amount of waste has been diverted from our landfills. Between April 2005 and April 2006, Benny's diverted 735.25 tons of used motor oil filters and scrap metal from our landfills. In addition, 106,580 gallons of oil were extracted from these filters that would have otherwise been dumped into the trash, gutter, water, and our landfills. Benny's is responsible for both diverting waste and reducing the amount of hazardous waste from our landfills. Between April 2006-Arpril 2007, Benny's diverted 1,266,720 lbs of used oil filters from our landfills.


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