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Used Oil & Antifreeze Service

NEW! Benny's is now picking up OIL and ANTIFREEZE!  

Benny's transports the used oil and antifreeze to the largest oil re-refiner in the Western United States. The used oil is converted into finished petroleum and the used antifreeze is recycled into new antifreeze and ethylene glycol.

Service Area:
Benny's provides used oil and antifreeze pickup in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernandino County, Riverside County and GROWING!!! Contact us directly to inquire about your area.
Please note an EPA # is required prior to service. If you have questions about acquiring an EPA# call the number provided and our experienced personnel will be happy to assist you.
Why Choose Benny's to transport your used oil & antifreeze?

  • We service within 24 hours or less

  • We offer EPA# assistance, yearly verification form assistance, etc.

  • We provide proper paperwork after the service is rendered
    (Note: Keep paperwork for three years)

  • We can provide paperwork to you within minutes (First service to current service)

Contact us at 323-773-2231

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